Why Tweeps are just not that into you

Bite-sized conversations are the new norm with Twitter helping to lead the way 140 characters at a time. You reluctantly enter into the Twitter fray to promote your brand and want to make a good impression, but for some reason, your Tweeps and other Twitterers are just not that into you. Despite your good intentions, you may be committing one (or more) of four cardinal Twitter sins.

1. You come on too strong
Simply put, you ask too much from your Tweeps before establishing a rapport. Avoid sending stacks of (unanswered) direct messages using a ‘me monster’ mentality: Subscribe to my blog, follow my enewsletter or tap me to write a press release. It’s great in theory, but you need to make sure the content you are promoting is of interest to or invited by the follower.

Take the time to glance at their bio before reaching out and reference their interests. Sure, it takes a bit of effort, but you’ll build a loyal following.

2. You lack depth and substance
You can only talk about that tasty nitrogen milkshake or your not-so-great day for so long before others lose interest. Adding personality to your business tweets helps to humanize your brand, but do so in moderation. Similarly, vary the business-related content that you share. Balance your own content with content provided by third-party resources (they’ll appreciate the recognition). A mix of infographics, videos, blog posts, news articles, stats, etc. helps keep it interesting.

3. You’re not exactly a great conversationalist
Conversation implies a two-way dialog, but some Twitterers frankly don’t get it. You can tweet until your heart is content, but it isn’t until you consistently engage with others that you begin to use Twitter to its fullest. When people reciprocate a follow, retweet your post or show any sort of Twitter love, publicly recognize them. Also ask questions, request feedback and jump into conversations. You will get back what you give.

4. You keep ‘em waiting
Remember that really cute guy/girl that you said you’d call… and then didn’t? You can kiss that one goodbye. The same applies to Twitter. Be consistent in actively promoting and updating your Twitter page. There are varying opinions about how often you should post. A dozen a day is a good rule of thumb, although quality trumps quantity. If your last tweet was two months ago, your followers will get frustrated and disappear.

What Twitter “fouls” have led you to unfollow others? What has worked best for you in building an active follower base?

Nikki Martin (@nikkimartinpr)
Principal, Chatterbrain

One thought on “Why Tweeps are just not that into you

  1. The best way to start is by not doing it. Wait! Wait! This isn’t one of those anti-Twitter posts. The reason I say to not do is it because you need to think first. *Think about the business* Think about keywords related to the company* Think about branding. So many people put up a new account without much appropriate thought first. I hope you wouldn’t just hang any ole single outside a brick and mortar business, so why do it on Twitter? Key things about a profile. 1. A defining picture 2. A catchy profile name 3. Keyword rich bio 4. Website link. Also consider an interesting looking background rather than just sticking with the standard gig. Also, I would not be without the Twitter app that I use to tweet longer than 140 characters as well as posting videos, audios, graphics and whatever else I fancy. That should get you headed in the right direction.

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